General Questions & Limitations


Here you can find the some general questions and answers related to our products and also hardware limitations. If you cant find an answer for your problem on this page, feel free to contact us via our support page on our website or by sending an email to

General Questions

Where are the limitations hardware quantity or software firmware size? 

The limitation is related to Bluetooth implementation we are currently using. We are working on an additional device that will address range and quantity issues. Generally speaking, the firmware size that is being uploaded to the Q-Clients is fairly small, however we have some restrictions in place to make sure that the firmware you are defining for your Q-Client is working properly and is not overusing the hardware capabilities of the Q-Client. If you would like specific numbers you can ask our hardware engineer to send you a list of possible combinations and limitations.

What radio signal is used between Q-clients and Q-server, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other and what is the usable distance?

We are using Bluetooth 4. The useable distance is about 32 feet indoors and about twice as much outdoors. The actual distance varies depending on how your house has been constructed and which materials have been used. We are working on a new product that will take care of range as well as enable more Q-Clients to be connected to the Q-Server. In this process we will also update to Bluetooth 5.

Is it possible to use a Wi-Fi range extender with Q-Server?

Your Q-Server needs to be connected to your local network. If you are using a WIFI extender to extend your local network, the Q-Server will work with it as well. Please note that our Q-Server only runs with 2.4 GHz WIFI at this moment. Our new product will be a WIFI / Bluetooth range extender but we currently do not offer any solution to extend the range of the Q-Server talking to the Q-Clients.

Does you system support LAN-connectivity?

The Q-Server is Wifi & Bluetooth only and currently doesn’t support LAN-connectivity.

Does your system work without an internet connection?

Yes. You will only need an internet connection if you want to use external platforms or when you update the purpose of your Q-Client Builder Base.

How secure is your system and do you use any encryption?

The system uses AES and your data is additionally secured by your unique PIN code and system specific identifiers. Our cloud Infrastructure is using HTTPS and best practice security architecture, which enables us to roll out OTA updates to the system.

Q-Client related Questions

Does the Q-Client Builder Base come with a battery?

Not at this time. If you want to use the Q-Client Builder Base in battery mode you will need to purchase a CR2032 coin cell battery. The Q-Client Builder Base includes a USB cable for power. We also offer a 5V Power Supply Kit ready for download on our website if you want to power your projects with a 9V Battery.

How many Q-clients base can connect to Q-Server? 

Currently 5 Q-Clients can connect to one Q-Server.

Where is the firmware for the Q-Client stored? 

The firmware definition is configured by you and is stored on your Q-Server. Once you decided to upload the firmware to your Q-Client we transmit your firmware definition to our cloud generator. The generator is sending back a secured and encrypted firmware file that then is uploaded and stored on your Q-Client. You don't need an internet connection to use the Q-Server, but if you want to change the firmware of your Q-Client you will have to be connected to the internet.

Which hardware components / drivers are supported and compatible with the Q-Client Builder Base?

We currently offer support for over 60 components and the list will grow with upcoming Q-Cloud Firmware Generator updates. You can find more detailed information in our Hardware Reference.