Release 1.0.4

The 1.0.4 Release fixes many small bugs and also provides historic data storage as a beta option.

Added / changed:

  • [Application Builder] Add “Current” as Signaltype

  • [Application Builder] Added “Timeout (ms)” port to Notification Gadget

  • [Application Builder] Added “Line Graph” beta object

  • [Application Builder] Added “Time Graph” beta object

  • [Application Builder] Added “Historic Data Delete” beta object

  • [Application Builder] Added “Historic Data Read” beta object

  • [Application Builder] Added “Historic Data Size” beta object

  • [Application Builder] Added “Historic Data Write” beta object

  • [Application Builder] Added “Timestamp” beta object

  • [Dashboard] Changed “Color Control” to direct view instead of opening full screen for color selection

  • [Firmware] Add support for ACS712

  • [Firmware] Increase limit of Analog Services to 6 per Firmware

  • [Gateways/Services] Hue: Add backwards compatiblity to Hue v1 bridges

  • [Library] Updated all Library apps and firmware

  • [Library] Changed how library apps and firmware are identified, so all of the previous apps/firmwares have to be re-downloaded to have the most current version



  • Improved system stability & performance

  • Improved cloud connection authentication refresh leading to logout on Q-Server

  • Fixed infinite loading screen when not modifying the default timezone on initial setup

  • Improved led status on first boot to indicate “QuantumSetup” wifi earlier

  • [Application Builder] Fixed execute function in some beta code objects to allow triggering from any in port

  • [Firmware] Correct mapping for PCA9555 “Digital Out”

  • [Gateways/Services] Mail: Reinitialize SMTP connection if timed out before sending email

  • [Library] Speed up loading times especially in Australia, Europa and Asia

  • [Frontend] Invalidate webserver cache after reboot to eliminate caching issues