Q-Server Central Core (Q-SVR-001) Release 1.0.0 Addendum

Hi Maker,

We are happy to have you as an early user of the Quantum IoT Platform. To ensure you have a smooth experience with the system, please follow the steps listed below.

Part 1

After you first started your Q-Server, finished the WiFi Setup, the cloud registration and opened the local server page you will see this update screen:

Once the update is running the screen will look like this:

After the update is done you will see this server setup screen:

Make sure to refresh your browser page and the screen will look like this:

Once you see the circles for the pin code on the screen you can continue the setup process as described.

In very rare cases your page might stay white after you refreshed it. In this case please type in the IP Address of your Q-Server that you can see in the url and hit enter.


After removing /gettingStarted/setup

Then hit enter.

Part 2

To ensure that your Q-Server doesn’t experience any issue you will also have to update to the latest firmware version.

Once your server is fully setup, navigate to the settings using the gear icon in the top right hand corner.

On the settings page press “System Actions“.

In the right panel you will now see a section which is called “Firmware Update“. Press the update button and wait until your server is done.


Please make sure you have a stable internet connection and are logged into your cloud account!

In very rare cases you might have to restart your Q-Server before you can start the Firmware Update.

Happy Making!

  • The Quantum Team