Hardware ReferenceWS2812 driver

WS2812 driver


The WS2812 drivers can drive LEDs connected in series which are supporting the WS2812 protocol. The drivers implementation allows to drive up to 135 LEDs.

Driver Parameters

The WS2812 driver has two parameters that need to be configured:


This is the pin connected to the data in of the first LED


The amount of LEDs to be controlled



The 5V and GND are powering the assembly while the GP0 pin is connected to the data in pin of the first LED.



Used Pins

Used Pins


Used Pins


GP0 (can be any GP pin)

This pin is connected to the first data in


This pin provides the GND


This pin provides the power

How to write an App

Navigate to the App Builder and create a new application. You can find the “LED Smart” code object under the “Hardware” Tab in the object drop down menu on the left, or you can also use the search bar.




Drag the “LED Smart” object onto the canvas.


 Next, located under the interface tab find the “Color Picker” object and drag it onto the canvas.




Finally, connect the Color port from the “Color Picker” object to the RGB Color port on the “LED Smart” object, label your objects, and save your application.


How to create a firmware

Navigate to the Firmware Builder and create a new firmware file.

Click the “+ Add Hardware” button which will open a modal window. Scroll down in the list to find the “Display” section and select the “LED Smart” hardware option.

Give your device a name, and click “Add Hardware”



Next, select the “WS2812” driver under the driver dropdown menu.



For this example we select:

Pin: GP0

Count: 1

You may now save your firmware file and upload it to one of your clients.




Supported Hardware

  • WS2812 Smart LEDs