Q-Client | Stuck In App Loader

One state the client can find itself stuck in is when it is stuck in the App Loader. This usually occurs when the client losing connection to the server during a firmware upload.

Identifying Client Stuck in App Loader

You can identify that the client is in this state by:

  1. Checking to see if the client shows as being connected under the client menu, yet the LED on the client isn’t illuminated.

  2. The Client is connected to the server, but identifying the client seemingly does nothing.

  3. Resetting your client doesn’t yield a return to normal led operation.

  4. There are no drivers listed under the client debug menu and the client LEDs are unresponsive.

If you find your client to be behaving in one of the aforementioned ways then it is likely stuck in the App Loader.

Resolving the App Loader State

There are two procedures to one can try to relive the client from the App Loader:

1. Simply go into the firmware builder and upload any firmware file to your client. Make sure that the firmware uploads fully to the client. This should bring the client back to full operational status.

2. If the previous technique doesn’t work in restoring your client to its full operational capacity, then you can tie both the SCL and SDA ports to ground while the client is powered on, like so:

If neither of the above methods work in bringing you client back online, then please contact us via our customer support email: support@quantumintegrate.com