1.3 - Powering a Builder Base


For Fullscreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgNJLEqOl8E

There are currently three ways to power your Builder Bases.


The first and easiest way to power your Builder Base is to use the included Micro USB cable. To do this, plug the cable into a wall outlet using a USB to Wall Outlet adapter, and then plug the Micro USB end into the micro USB port on the client.

If done properly, the LED on the front of your Builder Base will illuminate.

5V Power Supply

The second way to power your Builder Base is to use a 5V power supply kit. You can purchase one from our website. The 5V power supply accepts a 9V through the barrel jack terminal, and can output either 3.3V or 5V from its screw terminals.

To power your builder base using the 5V power supply you will need a flat head screwdriver, and two MM jumper wires.

Connect the two your two jumper wires to the 5V and GND terminals on the power supply.

Next connect the GND wire from the power supply to one of the GND ports on the Builder Base and the 5V wire from the power supply to the 5V port on the Builder base.

Now, when you switch the “ON” switch to the on position, the LED on the front of the builder base should illuminate.

CR2032 Battery

The Builder Base comes from the factory capable of being powered by a CR2032 Battery. To access this capability you will need to remove the Builder Base’s plastics.

To start, flip your Builder Base over and remove the single Phillips head screw that holds the clam shell together.


Now, locate and remove the two internal Phillips heads screws that affix the client to the case.



Now, you can see the built in CR-2032 battery holder and a small switch on the back of the Builder Base.



Before you insert the CR-2032 Batter into the battery holder, you need to toggle the switch from the “USB” to the “Battery” position. If you don’t, when you insert the CR2032 Battery the battery will drain indefinitely.

Now you can insert the CR-2032 cell. When you do, the LED on the front of the Builder Base will illuminate.

That’s it, those are all of the ways to power your Builder Base!