1.0 - Server Setup

For Fullscreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV6JhgKUGQY

Unpack your Q-Server

When you open your Q-Server packaging you will find a Q-Server, Quick Start Guide, Power Supply, and a variety of Power Supply outlet adapters.

Select the outlet adapter for your country and connect it to the back of the power supply.

Power you Q-Server

With the appropriate outlet adapter selected, power on your Q-Server by plugging it into your outlet.

The blue LED on the front of your Q-Server should instantaneously illuminate, and after a few seconds the Green LED should begin to flash on and off.

Connect Q-Server to Wifi

After a few minutes (can take up to 15) the Q-Setup wifi network will appear in your wifi networks list.

Select it and wait for the captive portal to appear.



If it does not appear enter the IP address - into your browser.

Next, select your wifi network from the drop-down menu, enter your wifi password, and click “Connect and Save”.



Once it is connected to the network, the status light will change to amber with 2 blinks.

Create Cloud Account

After you have connected your server to the wifi you will need to create a cloud account. Go to this link to do so.

You can find your server serial number on the back of your Q-Server.

After you fill out the form you will need to verify your email.

Login to Cloud Account

After you have verified your email, you will want to login to your cloud account here.

Find Server IP

If you’ve connected your server to the wifi correctly, when you login to your cloud account you will be presented with a page that lists your server’s IP address.

Click the “Open” button to access your server.

Update your Server

When you open your server page for the first time you will be instructed to “Update” your server to the latest build.

Set Pin

After your server completes updating, you will be instructed to set an access pin for the server.

Set your 6-digit pin code, but be sure to remember this as you will be forced to factory reset your server if you forget it.

After you set your pin hit continue.

Log Server Into Cloud Account

Using the Quantum Cloud account you created previously to login to your sever.

Set Time/Region

Set your time and region, and then click Continue.

Toggle Developer Mode

Here you can toggle the developer mode on or off. The Developer mode allows you to create custom Application and Firmware files. If you have it toggled off you will only be able to download prebuilt Applications and Firmware files from the Library. You can always toggle the Developer mode on and off in the Q-Server Setting page as well.

To continue to your Q-Server, click “Get Started”.

Use Your Server!

That's it, your Server is all setup and ready to go.

Happy Making!